Life began to take on a different feel – it spiraled out of control.As life unravalled, Rosean found it difficult to hold things together.  He chose a lifestyle that was self-destructing.  He began using the drugs. He was marketing and medicated himself often with both drugs and alcohol.  Rosean was spending nearly every hour of the day, either high on drugs or in an alcoholic stuper.   But even as he sunk deeper in the dungeon of darkness, God knew where Rosean was and He was well able to bring forth that plan, He had designed for Rosean.  Even before Rosean made the decision to follow Christ, God placed people strategically in his life to plant seeds of wisdom and love.  In the Fall of 2007, Rosean made the decision to surrender fully to God. It was not until after Rosean received Christ that he began to recognize the areas that God had gifted him in.  He had a strong desire to rise above his past experiences and inspire others to do the same. He pursued and received an Associates Degree in Web Design, in 2002. In a recent interview, Rosean was asked, “How are you able to produce such quality work?” With humility and confidence Rosean responded, “God gave me an artistic ability that allows me to minister the word of God.” Rosean is sure to honor God for all that He has brought him through. He shares that God showed him in a vision to develop an illustration that was relatable and practical within the lives our youth. In 2007, Rosean was blessed with an office space; a new graphic art design position and pursued his own non-profit venture in order to make his vision a reality.


Rosean founded Godz Youngstaz, Inc. (2007). Within a year, he completed his first publication; a Christian comic book containing content promoting the word of God. While faithfully pursing art within the Park Place community, he was presented with the opportunity to coordinate an art class for youth. He now consistently operates in a forum that inspires, teaches, and mentors children in the very community he grew up in.

Rosean Lindsey is an incredible author, gifted by God to bring the written word to people of all ages, especially teens and tweens. He believes and teaches that the youth have unlimited opportunities to be successful, even in today’s society and its changing culture.  Rosean is also an extraordinarily skillful artist, who uses his talent to teach art to young children. 


Rosean was born in Brooklyn, New York, but has lived in the Park Place community of Norfolk, Virginia most of his life.  It was there that Rosean learned the hard lessons of street life.  As an adolescent and a high school student, he found himself participating in the criminal activities, including, but not limited to selling drugs. Miraculously, Rosean remained focused long enough to complete his high school education.  He graduated from Maury High School in 2000.   He lost both his parents at a young age. The death of his mother left him devastated and feeling destitute. 


Rosean Lindsey