What is “Holding on to six G’s”?

What is “Holding on to six G’s”? I know a lot of people may not understand the title. Holding on to six “G’s” is translated from urban vernacularly to holding on to six grand. This says that you are holding on to six thousand dollars. However; it’s really a play on words. Hold on to six “G’s” is a tool that enlightens and displays awareness that God sees and understands our value.

There are six principles that I believe, once we have the understanding that God is familiar with us in these areas, it will encourage you to hold on to the value that God has for you rather than people, places, and things. Go with me in the story of a familiar character in the bible, who understood by faith, that God saw his value.

Hopefully this book encourages you to hold onto the six “G’s”, and by faith, you’ll know your value and where God is taking you.


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