Putting On Kindness Every Day

One thing I don’t like when school year first start…is when they do attendance and have to call my name. The teachers are always like Bart is Bart here? The class always laughs and pokes at my name and start Bart Simpson jokes. I try not to get in trouble so I just ignore it but it bothers me so much. Once the joke starts… it sticks with you in the hallways and at lunch.

That’s just one of the problems; I also get joked about my clothes too. My mom can afford the latest clothes and shoes like some kids so she love to go to the thrift stores and buy me clothes because that’s all she can afford. But when I’m in school I get bullied and joke. They poke and poke and I am ready to either fight someone or skip school. I feel so relieved when the bell rings and school is over. I fly out of there like I’m chasing my next breath.

When I walking home I just think what school would be like if I wasn’t the one being bullied. I ask my say… I wonder if I’ll have more friends. Would I laugh more? Would I be invited to stuff? Will my grades be better? Will I feel good about myself, I think about these things as I walk home from school.

However one day, that all changed. Coming home from school replay lunch over and over in my head about how bad I got bullied today, I notice this homeless man sitting in the alleyway. I take this shortcut to be alone and don’t have to worry about the other kids who walk home.

Anyway I said what’s up man? How are you doing? He said I’m well. I’m better because you just speaking to me…brighten up my day. People look at me and treat me like I’m nobody when I ‘m somebody just like them. I told him I know the feeling. I had a half of sandwich in my book so I gave it to and told him to have a nice day.

The next day he was there. So after school I save my whole sandwich and gave him a blanket also. He said thank young man and asked me my name. I’m hesitant but I said Bart. He said that’s a n

ice name and I said yeah right. He asked me why I say that? I said because I get joked and bullied a lot because of my name. He said some people don’t understand that there fun for them can be hurtful for others. Be proud of your name son he said and continue to show them bullies the kindness I think show, like you have been showing me. However at some point the way you stand up to a bully is to express one on one how hurtful their words and behavior are. Share it with them in kindness and leave it up to them to change their ways.


I told him that that sound good but these kids today are savages. They will go back and tell everyone that you are a punk and just joke you even more. It will just make things worse. He said you might be right but you did the right thing. He then said the next step is if they don’t back off you have to tell and adult before things get worst. I’m like man I’m no snitch and if I get him in trouble, again it’s just going to make things worse. He said I understand young man, but if you give what I’m saying a chance. I know it’s going to be hard and may seem like its not working but I promise it’s the best solution for bullying.

I said I hear you, and thank for talking with me but I got to go. As I was leaving, I turned around and said hey what’s your name? He said call me Mr. H. I said see you later Mr. H and thanks.


Well, school was school the next day. Bullying seem like it was one this one guys to do list and I was at the top of it. This one guy just kept joking me in front of everybody. It seems like every joke he said about me, the others kids just laugh louder and louder. The louder laughs, the bigger the crowd got. I felt so bad. I felt so small. I felt so angry. I felt like time stop and that this was never going to end. All I could think about if I punch him, the joking would stop. So I bald my fist up and squeezed so tight my sharp pencil that’s in my other hand. I was in rage and seconds away from snapping.

Then I saw Mr. H in my head and I remember our conversation. Then I slowly opened my hands and started to breathe slowly. Everyone saw me and thought I was going to fight but instead I said this. Look everything that you are saying about me hurts man. I never did nothing to you and you have agree with me that you wouldn’t like if someone picked on you every day in from of everybody. If it was you embarrassed, if it was you feeling sad. If it was you watching everyone laughing at you and don’t care about your feeling. Come on man can you please stop picking at me. This hurts.

This was the first day of my understanding what kindness is really is. Because in the bully got quiet and looked shocked. He tried to at first laugh it off but crowd knew I was right. I can tell he knew that he would look like a jerk that he wouldn't start joking me again. He said you know what, you right my bad bro. Then he put his hand out to give me a hand shake. I thought it was a setup so I was a little nervous but I wanted to trust. So I went in and the hand shake was real. The bell rang and I headed to gather my things to go home with a smile on my face.

Running down the street as fast as I can to see Mr. H to tell him the good news I turn the corner in the alley and he wasn’t there. The cover I gave him was there neatly folded with a note say: Dear Bart, it’s been a pleasure meeting you. You have brought so much joy in my life just talking with me. Every day people walk pass me like I don’t exist. Every day people joke me and even throw things at me like I’m not human.


That’s why I understand the bullying. But not you, you gave me hope that there are still kind people out around. So I want to encourage you Bart to continue to be kind even when others not. Remember our time together.

You’re going to do well in like because kindness will always guide you to greatness. You are great no matter what people say or think. Remember that because you going to need it. Well until we meet again because we will meet again.

My name is Mr. H and the H stands for Hope. Hope is always around the corner.

So, I put the letter in my pocket and understood why I met him. He taught me to put on kindness every day. So, I get it now. I am somebody and I am great.

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