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1. “What’s the point? I see no progress and I’m getting no where.”


This happens when you’re working on a goal, but see no end results.


2. “I’m too tired to do this or that. I’ll just push it off for another day.”


It’s extremely easy to overwhelm yourself when you have a full time job, commitments, and children to feed. Like a cellphone battery, humans only have so much energy before they’re completely depleted.



3. “I want to do it, but I’ll start that goal next week because I’m not ready yet.”


4. “I had a rough day  today. So I’ll do it tomorrow.”


The list continues, and you and I have many similar things we say to ourselves to prevent us from doing anything simply because of what our emotions are telling us at the time.


Negative thoughts becomes such a habit you usually don’t realize you’re doing it until a week later, when you suddenly realize you forgot about your goal.


To cut ties with your negative thoughts, think consciously in the moment and ask yourself one of the following questions:


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